Tax Manual For Deacons

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For 2022 tax returns, the IRS has again modified many of the tax forms.

Tax Manual for Deacons

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Tax Manual For Deacons! Shipping January 24th. Order now!
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A comprehensive guide to assist deacons in preparing their Federal Income Taxes. As ordained clergy deacons enjoy (and suffer) the same tax treatment as Catholic priests.

There are many changes, including but not limited to:

  • Several of the 2022 forms have been redesigned or modified to allow for tax changes
  • Standard Deductions have been increased
  • The ‘above the line’charitable deduction of up to $300/$600 for those who do not Itemize has been eliminated.
  • Itemizers can deduct up to 60% of earnings
  • The Qualified Business Income Deduction requires Form 8995
  • Unreimbursed employee expenses have been eliminated as deductions through 2025
  • The tax brackets at the lower rates have been updated for inflation with many other updated figures.
    • ALL of the tax provisions that apply to priests (see that web page) may also apply to deacons.
    • Find out how a little planning and coordination can positively affect Federal Income Taxes — in some cases by thousands of dollars.
    • Sample tax returns for different situations.
    • Learn how to reduce income and get a tax deduction at the same time [legal double dipping!]